AU, Interpol to strengthen cooperation

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia, May 4 (UPI) -- The African Union and Interpol are working to strengthen cooperation in a move to better counter threats from transnational criminal groups and terrorists.

A delegation from France-based Interpol recently met with AU Commission leaders to discuss ways the two organizations could address the major security challenges facing African countries, including human trafficking, drug smuggling, terrorism and piracy, Interpol reported.


During the meetings, Interpol and the AU Commission reaffirmed a memorandum of understanding designed to strengthen cooperation on tackling transnational crime. The meetings were also part of an effort to find ways Interpol could support the implementation of the AU's strategic plan for peace, security development and governance.

"While there is the will and the commitment from law enforcement throughout Africa to be fully engaged in combating regional and international crime, we must ensure that the resources, training and support are available to police officers on the ground so that they can do their jobs more effectively," Jean-Michel Louboutin, Interpol executive director of police services, said in a statement.

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