Port of Mombasa to counter nuke threats

WASHINGTON , April 15 (UPI) -- Kenya has signed a deal with the U.S. National Nuclear Security Administration to partner on countering nuclear proliferation.

The NNSA, an agency in the Department of Energy, announced the Kenyan Ministry of Transport has agreed to upgrade the Port of Mombasa's infrastructure with next-generation radiation-detection equipment.


The Port of Mombasa nuclear non-proliferation infrastructure upgrade is part of the NNSA's ongoing Megaports Initiative. With the radiation-detection equipment installation, the Port of Mombasa joins 20 other major international ports taking steps to combat illicit nuclear trafficking.

"The Port of Mombasa is a major cargo-container hub in Africa and a strategic transit point in the international maritime trading system," Ken Baker, NNSA principal assistant deputy administrator for defense nuclear non-proliferation, said in a statement.

"NNSA appreciates the Republic of Kenya's partnership in our efforts to prevent the smuggling of nuclear and radiological materials."

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