Pope, OSCE discuss security

VATICAN CITY, April 15 (UPI) -- Pope Benedict XVI held a meeting Wednesday with the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe's secretary-general in a move to discuss security.

The private meeting between the pope and Marc Perrin de Brichambaut, OSCE secretary-general, was part of an effort to strengthen cooperation on security.


Officials said the meeting, the first between an OSCE secretary-general and the pope, addressed ways the Vatican and the OSCE could work together on combating religious intolerance and the violence that stems from religious confrontations, the OSCE reported.

"The OSCE is founded on the idea that comprehensive security starts with respect for the inherent dignity of the individual," de Brichambaut said in a statement.

"Based on shared values, we and all the OSCE participating states have worked together, through difficult times and momentous changes, toward achieving sustainable peace and stability in our region."

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