Calderon vows to strengthen security

MEXICO CITY, March 13 (UPI) -- Mexico's president has promised to strengthen security efforts targeting organized criminal groups and called the escalating volatility a two-country problem.

Mexican President Felipe Calderon, addressing a recent forum in Mexico City, called the growing violence along the country's border with the United States a serious challenge that will require a joint effort by his administration and by U.S. President Barack Obama, the Americas Society reported.


During the forum on Mexico's economic outlook and future opportunities, Calderon vowed to focus Mexico's security and defense agencies on combating the transnational criminal groups operating in the county.

"We are reinforcing the state's authority in places, regions, municipalities and local governments where security has been weakened or damaged as a result of crime, and we are bringing all the state's strength to bear on this," Calderon said, according to the Americas Society.

"Organized crime attacks both sides of the border, harming American and Mexican families. Organized crime is a joint challenge that President Obama and I will face together."

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