PCP joins call for starting peace talks

MANILA, Philippines, Feb. 4 (UPI) -- The Philippines-based People's Coalition for Peace is calling for the Moro Islamic Liberation Front and other rebel groups to join peace negotiations.

The PCP, comprising Muslim and Christian leaders in the Philippines, Wednesday echoed Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo in calling for a resumption of stalled peace talks.


The group announced its support for newly appointed Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process Avelino Razon and called for an end to the long-running conflicts between the Philippine government and the rebel MILF group along with other secessionists and communist militants, the Philippine government reported.

PCP said stability in the Philippines is at stake and future development in the country depends on peace.

"We firmly believe that all stakeholders should have an optimistic attitude in resolving the conflict," PCP wrote in a letter to Razon.

"The group is very optimistic in the new peace paradigm being pursued by the government through the efforts of its new presidential adviser and his predecessor."

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