Iraq Press Roundup

By ALAA MAJEED, UPI Correspondent  |  Nov. 5, 2008 at 6:21 PM
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Iraq has passed one of the most difficult stages in its history, but overcoming the lingering effects of the past regime, addressing terrorism and rebuilding the national institutions for a safe and renewed Iraq will take considerable time and effort.

The Shiite al-Bayyna newspaper of the Iraqi Hezbollah party said Wednesday that the post-Saddam Iraq has witnessed the use of a constitution as the final judge for the country.

The coming Iraqi elections will decide the destiny of the nation.

Elections are one of those factors of the Iraqi Constitution that rely on transparent principles as a guide for the people. Democratic elections are an achievement in Iraq that will enable the people to decide for their future.

The upcoming provincial elections, scheduled tentatively for January, give reason for the people to participate in forming a solid foundation for their country. The widespread representation in the elections provides a means to rebuild the country and counter attempts at undermining the will of the people.

The people of Iraq are obligated to stand together by making their voices heard in the elections, which point toward a path of building a peaceful and democratic Iraq.

Sot al-Iraq news service said Wednesday the political parties in Iraq are using several ways to campaign for the upcoming elections, notably spending public money.

The election challenges

Some parties in the political arena fail to consider the credibility of their campaign tactics against their competitors. Most criticize rival parties for being loyal to outside influence, which would have an impact on the national reputation.

A few Iraqi parties have sacrificed a great deal for the interest of their country, while others, often with hidden agendas, aim to disrupt national decisions, use public money for their campaigns and exploiting their positions of power to counter their rivals.

Over the past few years, the report said, politicians have ignored the people, but recently, for the sake of the elections, they have taken to distributing goods and services as if Iraq just recently became a poor country.

Meanwhile, political interests with ties to the security forces are offering jobs to people in order to gain the support of young people and their families.

The Iraqi people need to be cognizant of the use of this propaganda and vote for the parties they feel are most loyal to the country and those that promise the most hope.

The Iraqi government is required to demand spending reports from the political parties, but campaigns should be regulated so money is not spent on spreading negative influences.

Al-Taakhi newspaper Wednesday said the Iraqi people were finally able to breathe when a real constitution was adopted that prevented wars and promised a secure life.

Implementing articles of the constitution deepens the principles of democracy.

The constitution is a document for the new era that holds true to the interests of the Iraqi people and their homeland. Without the constitution, the Parliament and political parties would not consider any of the national struggles before the Iraqi people.

The struggles between the national parties and the parties that aim to once again drive the country to hideous wars and plots have isolated the country from the outside world and caused heinous attacks against thousands of innocents.

The bottom line, the newspaper said, is that Baghdad needs to establish committees to deal with each factor of the government. These committees are part of the democratic principles that provide a suitable environment for provincial elections in 2009, and it is these elections that will transform the country into a united and strong Iraq.

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