Drunk burglar calls 911 for help

BELLEFONTE, Del., Jan. 8 (UPI) -- A man who broke into a house in Delaware spent three days there drinking and then had to call 911 because he was locked in, police said.

John Finch, 44, was taken to a hospital to sober up after police found him Wednesday, The News Journal of Wilmington reported. He faces charges of breaking into the same house in Bellefonte twice in less than a year.


Officer Michael Bingnear, who responded to Finch's 911 call, said the house had deadbolt locks that required keys to open. He said Finch, who said he had consumed three bottles of gin and two bottles of whisky during his three-day stay, was apparently too drunk to deal with the locks or to climb out of the window he broke to get in.

Finch told police he hid in a closet at one point when the owner stopped by the house. The woman told the News Journal she has not lived in the house since it was damaged in a storm.

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