U.S. Army to seek 10,000 recruits during 'Army National Hiring Day'

Army recruiters will attempt to find 10,000 new soldiers, online, during Army National Hiring Day, June 30 to July 2. Photo courtesy of U.S. Army 
Army recruiters will attempt to find 10,000 new soldiers, online, during "Army National Hiring Day," June 30 to July 2. Photo courtesy of U.S. Army 

June 19 (UPI) -- The U.S. Army will attempt to recruit 10,000 new soldiers next week, largely online, in a three-day push it calls "Army National Hiring Day."

The campaign, between June 30 and July 2, calls for Army leaders, operational units, recruiters and community partners across the country to encourage interested and eligible individuals to consider Army career paths, financial bonuses and benefits.


The involvement of all senior Army leaders is expected, the Army Recruiting Command said.

The push will rely heavily on virtual communications because of social distancing required by reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Army officials. The disruption is also responsible for the Army's shortfall in the number of people recruited in 2020.

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Recruiting offices were closed for most of the spring, and recruiters worked exclusively online from the start of precautions until May.

"We probably got about 50 percent of what we would normally get," Maj. Gen. Frank M. Muth, Army recruiting commander, told Army Times. "Are we behind? We are. But it's much better than zero if we didn't have the ability to go virtual."

"We're getting as many assets as we can across the Army," Muth said. "Everybody is involved."

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The army's goal is to enlist between 63,000 and 67,000 people in Fiscal Year 2020, with a total strength goal of 485,000 soldiers.

During the three-day period, potential soldiers can visit to learn the qualifications, job opportunities and associated hiring incentives, and arrange to meet, face-to-face, with a local Army recruiter.

"The Army has a career for every interest, and many people aren't really aware of that," Muth said in a press release. "You'll receive the technical training to succeed in your field and then have access to education benefits to go even further."

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