SubSea Craft to display Diver Delivery Unit at DSEI 2017

By Stephen Carlson  |  Sept. 11, 2017 at 1:13 PM
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Sept. 11 (UPI) -- SubSea Craft is set to display it's high-speed submersible Diver Delivery Unit at the Defense and Security Equipment International 2017 exhibition in London according to Janes.

The DDU functions as a fast speedboat for delivering special forces and cargo to shore and back with the ability to submerge for the last few miles of approach to avoid detection. It is envisaged to be capable of deploying from surface ships, cargo planes and medium and heavy-lift helicopters to provide flexibility.

The DDU was successfully tested on the surface earlier this year, but is still under development for the underwater of its functions. It uses air breathing propulsion and has sophisticated electronics and navigation systems. It has six seats for divers who wear their own scuba gear.

SubSea Craft has enough confidence in the design to start displaying it at DSEI 2017 for potential buyers. The prototype was constructed in 2016, but software problems and other issues delayed testing until this year. If proven, the system would be suitable for covert insertion and extraction of special forces teams, intelligence officers and other personnel in high-risk areas.

DSEI 2017 is one of the world's' largest defense conventions, gathering industry and government officials to display new systems for advertising and displays to potential buyers.

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