Northrop Grumman awarded contract for missile defense development

By Stephen Carlson

May 9 (UPI) -- Northrop Grumman Space & Missile Systems Corp. has been awarded a $332 million modification to an existing contract for work at the Joint National Center Research and Development for the Missile Defense Agency and the Department of Defense.

The modification, announced Monday by the Department of Defense, would increase the funding maximum from $3.85 billion to $4.18 billion, and may extend task orders until May 2018.


The contract includes integration of Ballistic Missile Defense System, or BDMS, and testing programs for the program. Northrop Grumman will also provide logistical services, wargame and readiness exercises, and the development of doctrine, as well as information technology support for the Chief Information Officer for the BDMS.

The Missile Defense Agency is a research and development and acquisition agency within the Department of Defense. It is a joint program of military personnel and civilian contractors that is responsible for researching, testing and developing the BDMS.

The system integrates a network of space, land and sea based sensors to detect and target missile threats. Interceptors include the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense missile system, or THAAD, which was just deployed in South Korea, the SM-3 missile based of of Aegis-capable naval vessels such as the Arleigh Burke class, and the Exo-atmospheric kill vehicle, or EKV. The EKV is ground-based and is designed to hit incoming ballistic missiles while they are still in mid-descent through the atmosphere.


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