Canadian army to modernize training simulation system

Cubic Global Defense was granted the $4.5 million contract to upgrade software and replace hardware for the army's training simulation system and communications network.

By Richard Tomkins

April 21 (UPI) -- Canada has tapped Cubic Global Defense to upgrade the Department of National Defense's Data Communications Network and Exercise Control Center.

Under the $4.5 million contract, the software used by the DCN and EXCON center for the Canadian Weapons Effect Simulation system, or CWES, at the Canadian Maneuver Training Center in Wainwright, Alberta, will be upgraded. DCN and EXCON hardware will also be replaced.


The Canadian army's CWES system provides force-on-force simulation training.

"The Cubic-led modernization of the Wainwright DCN/EXCON will ensure that a robust communication architecture is put in place to support current and future simulation training requirements at Canada's premiere training facility," Dave Buss, president of Cubic Global Defense, said in a press release.

"The overall live simulation training experience will be greatly enhanced, enabling performance-based training to meet the Canadian Armed Forces' operational readiness standards now and into the future."

All hardware and software upgrades are expected to be completed by May of next year.

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