Iran shows off homemade stealth fighter jet

By Ryan Maass

April 17 (UPI) -- Iranian defense industry leaders presented the natively-built Qaher F-313 jet during a ceremony attended by high-ranking government officials.

The jet is a stealth platform previously dismissed as a "hoax" by Western observers due to several aesthetic irregularities. It was showcased during an exhibition hosted by the Iranian Helicopter Support and Renewal Company. RT reports the plane did not fly during the demonstration.


Iran's President Hassan Rouhani spoke during the event, and praised the plane while appearing to target Western powers who have traditionally pushed against the country's militarization.

"We don't ask for permission from others to reinforce our armed forces, don't ask for permission to manufacture our missiles, our jets," he said.

During the same event, Iran also unveiled its latest domestically-made jet trainer, dubbed Kowsar. According to Tasnim News Agency, the plane can be used for aerial support missions in short distances, and can carry various weapons.

Iranian defense industry officials also presented a tactical unmanned aerial vehicle, an anti-ship cruise missile, and an air-to-air missile.

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