Defense Dept. orders upgraded underwater drones

The Department of Defense is being supplied with upgraded observation-class remotely operated vehicles by Teledyne SeaBotix.

By Richard Tomkins
The upgraded vLBV300 underwater drone. Photo courtesy Teledyne Marine
The upgraded vLBV300 underwater drone. Photo courtesy Teledyne Marine

SAN DIEGO, Jan. 4 (UPI) -- Teledyne SeaBotix has won a multimillion dollar U.S. Department of Defense contract for underwater remotely operated vehicles.

The observation-class vehicles are used by mobile explosive ordnance disposal units around the world.


Teledyne SeaBotix said the contract was obtained through Atlantic Diving Supply, a distributor, and calls for delivery of 60 new vLBV300 ROV systems as part of an operational upgrade.

The SeaBotix vLBV 300 systems will be fitted with a range of commercial off-the-shelf equipment, including SeaBotix's unique tracked crawler attachment skid, imaging sonar, tooling options, altimeter and USBL/GPS navigation capability.

They will also feature the Teledyne Marine autonomous ROV navigation package, SmartFlight.

"Teledyne SeaBotix is honored to be awarded this contract," said William Kikendall, President of Teledyne SeaBotix. "Teledyne SeaBotix ROVs are robust and reliable systems that are used by EOD and other military and security forces. The systems perform a variety of critical functions for the military but also serve to keep the men and women of our military out of harm's way."

Teledyne SeaBotix is a member of the Teledyne Marine Systems group

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