Airbus DS offers new SkyGhost ER mini drone

Airbus DS is offering the SkyGhost ER mini drone to the international market.

By Richard Tomkins

PARIS, May 18 (UPI) -- Airbus Defense and Space, together with subsidiary SurveyCopter, is offering a new mini tactical unmanned aerial vehicle.

The SkyGhost ER is a reconnaissance system launched by a two-person crew. It can be launched within 15 minutes, operates in the day and at night, and can fly in all weather conditions.


Airbus DS said the system is equipped with 360 degrees visible and infrared high-resolution cameras as well as a laser designator integrated in a high-precision stabilized plug-and-play turret.

Power comes through a low-noise electric engine.

SkyGhost ER automatically follows a pre-programmed and reconfigurable mission plan, has an endurance of more than three hours and uses a secure NATO data-link for real-time transmission of information.

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