Russian SR-10 trainer jet in first flight

By Richard Tomkins

MOSCOW, Feb. 15 (UPI) -- A new forward-swept wing jet trainer by Russia's Modern Aviation Technologies has made its first flight.

{link:Sputnik News reports:"" target="_blank"} the test took place at Oreshkovo airfield in the Kaluga region of Russia, and that a video of the test indicated it was successful.


The SR-10 is a single-engine all composite aircraft. Its forward-swept wing gives the aircraft improved stability at low speeds and enhanced takeoff and landing performance, the news agency said.

No details were provided as to when the test took place.

The SR-10 has a maximum speed of 559 miles per hour, a range of 932 miles and a service ceiling of 19,685 feet.

Modern Aviation Technologies is a private design group and has offered the plane to the Russian Air Force.

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