Israel begins testing Trophy system on Namer troop carriers

Ryan Maass

TEL AVIV, Israel, Jan. 28 (UPI) -- Israeli defense officials began operational testing of their Namer heavy troop carrier, equipping it with their homemade Trophy Active Protection System.

The Israeli Defense Ministry announced it completed integrating the Trophy on the vehicle on Thursday, and will later install the system on all new Namer vehicles following the tests.


"At the end of a series of tests that are taking place in these days, we will begin serial installation of the system on additional vehicles," Tank Production Office director Brig. Gen. Baruch Matzliah said. "As such, we will implement MoD policy of equipping every Namer that leaves the production line with the only operational active defense system in the world."

The system was initially developed for Israel's Merkava Mk4 tanks by the state-owned company Rafael, however industry infighting stalled the installation as more Namer carriers were made. Operational testing of the system began almost a decade later than planned.

The system is designed to make armored vehicles safer from anti-tank and RPG threats, making it easier to transport infantry forces. The Trophy uses radar panels to detect threats and destroy them with interceptors.


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