Pakistan, Turkey to improve defense ties

By Ryan Maass

ISLAMABAD, Oct. 5 (UPI) -- The governments of Turkey and Pakistan have agreed to cooperate further on their defense industry relationship.

Both governments currently collaborate in development and production of tactical unmanned aerial vehicles, with Pakistan Aeronautical Complex supplying the parts for Turkish Aerospace Industries UAVs. Now, the countries will explore more areas of improvement in communications, aircraft and shipbuilding, according to IHS Janes.


The agreement followed a meeting between Pakistan's Secretary of Defense and Turkish General Staff Force Development and Source Management Director Maj Gen Oguz Serhad Habib Oglu. The Daily Times, a newspaper in Pakistan, reports both countries have been cooperating with developing military equipment in the fields of air, sea, and land.

"Our resolve of a peaceful and stable region remains undeterred despite difficulties," said Pakistan's Defense Secretary Lt. Gen. Alam Khattak, "Our armed forces are fighting the menace with full determination to achieve peace in the region."

"Both Pakistan and Turkey should explore new ways of improving cooperation in the field of defense," Maj Gen Oguz Serhad Habib Oglu added, "Pakistan, like Turkey, is a future energy corridor and has an important place in the region."


Pakistan and Turkey relations have been welcome by the U.S. and other Western powers. The countries made a similar pledge to one another in 2002, with U.S. encouragement.

In addition to industry ties, Pakistan and Turkey also cooperate on intelligence and training techniques.

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