Thai military receives EC725 helicopters

Airbus Helicopters has delivered four EC725 aircraft to the Royal Thai Air Force, with two more set for delivery next year.

Richard Tomkins
Airbus Helicopters' EC725s. Photo from Airbus Helicopters
Airbus Helicopters' EC725s. Photo from Airbus Helicopters

MARIGNANE, France, Aug. 25 (UPI) -- The Royal Thai Air Force has received four of six EC725 helicopters for use in search-and-rescue and troop transport missions.

Airbus Helicopters said the aircraft delivered were ordered in 2012 and will become operational next month. The remaining two helicopters were ordered last year and will be delivered to the Royal Thai Air Force in 2016.


"We welcome the Royal Thai Air Force as a new Airbus Helicopters operator," said Derek Sharples, the managing director of Airbus Helicopters Southeast Asia. "They can count on our full resources to support the successful deployment of the aircraft, and proximity services from our Thailand-based customer center."

The EC725 is a twin-engine helicopter with a maximum speed of 201 miles per hour, a range of 533 miles and a service ceiling of more than 19,900 feet. It has a troop carrying capacity of 28 soldiers or a cargo payload capacity of 12,500 pounds.

Six other countries operate the aircraft: Brazil, France, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Malaysia , and Mexico.

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