Russian-made unmanned/manned drone set for display

A new, full-sized prototype drone for civilian and military markets is to be displayed this month in Russia.

By Richard Tomkins
Russia's Chirok manned/unmanned drone. Photo by Rostec
Russia's Chirok manned/unmanned drone. Photo by Rostec

MOSCOW, Aug. 19 (UPI) -- A full-sized prototype drone from Russia's United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation is to be displayed later this month.

The unmanned/manned vehicle is the Chirok, a reconnaissance and combat hovercraft drone with cargo-carry capabilities.


Rostec, the state-owned parent company of UIMC, says the UAV is made of composite materials, has a maximum altitude of more than 19,500 feet, a maximum range of about 1,500 miles, and a payload weight of 661 pounds.

The prototype is to be displayed at the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2015 in Moscow starting Aug. 25.

Rostec says the drone will eventually be offered to both military and civilian customers.

Unmanned aircraft will be a key topic at the MAKS-2015 exhibition and Rostec said it and its companies will present their latest developments for UAVs at the event.

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