Israel Aerospace Industries touts new electro-optical payload

Israel Aerospace Industries has announced a new electro-optical payload for aircraft that integrates as many as seven sensors for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions.

By Richard Tomkins
IAI's new MD-19HD electro-optical payload. IAI photo.
IAI's new MD-19HD electro-optical payload. IAI photo.

BEN GURION INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, Israel, Feb. 11 (UPI) -- An electronics payload that incorporates as many as seven sensors has completed flight tests on manned and unmanned aircraft.

Israel Aerospace Industries describes its M-19HD payload as an all-weather high-definition, compact, multi-spectral, multi-sensor, single line-replacement unit payload that provides continuous day/night surveillance.


It is 22.6 inches wide, 27.3 inches high, and weighs between 165-187 pounds. Among its options are HD day cameras, infrared cameras, laser designator with in-flight bore sight, laser range finder, electron-multiplied charged-coupled-device camera or short-wave infrared camera.

The MD-19HD was originally designed for use on IAI's Heron-1 and Heron TP unmanned aerial vehicles, as well on aerostats and manned platforms, the company said.

"The M-19HD payload is the ideal system for long-endurance ISR (intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance) missions and area dominance," said Shlomo Gold, acting general manager of IAI's Tamam Division. "The M-19HD provides powerful sensors, high stabilization and unique image processing features, together with long range persistent surveillance capabilities.

"The M-19HD follows IAI's tradition of innovation and offers our customers high performance and a cost-effective solution."

The MD-19HD is available for the international market.

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