Sagem-led consortium intoduces anti-piracy system

By Richard Tomkins
The BlueDome anti-piracy system. Photo: Saffran Group.
The BlueDome anti-piracy system. Photo: Saffran Group.

PARIS, Feb. 5 (UPI) -- An integrated system to protect commercial ships against piracy has been unveiled by a European consortium coordinated by Sagem.

The system from Autoprotection is called BlueDome, a graduated non-lethal solution that features several successive barriers to protect ships during all attack phases.


The system, which allows for long-range detection of small craft, analyzes behavior of suspect craft, identifies them using a day/night optronic turret and implements remote deterrents -- light projectors and acoustic devices -- and anti-boarding measures, such as water cannons and smoke grenades.

"BlueDome automatically analyzes the situation and manages all systems and devices," Sagem said. "Using an intuitive, user-friendly interface, it allows the crew to monitor the situation and approve recommended actions from a tablet.

"BlueDome also supports the remote operation of sensors and effectors from a secure area on the bridge or anywhere else on the ship."

The system was introduced at the Euromaritime trade show in Paris, France.

Members of the Sagem-led consortium are Amefo, Bureau Veritas, Eca Group, Ecole Nationale Supérieure Maritime, Lacroix, Sofresud, SeaOwl and Thales.

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