SmartRounds intros non-lethal, non-impact stun projectiles for police

A Colorado company has announced development of non-lethal 18mm bullets for shotguns that will stun a targeted individual without making physical contact.

By Richard Tomkins

BRIGHTON, Colo., Jan. 12 (UPI) -- A line of non-impact, non-lethal projectiles for use by law enforcement and the military was introduced Monday by SmartRounds Technology LLC.

The ShockRound and a PepperRound are 18mm bullets designed for use with 12 gauge shotguns. Each features two solid state sensors -- essentially a bullet-borne digital camera -- that activate the bullet when it is fired and then activate the bullet miliseconds before impact.


The ShockRound then produces a flash-bang and nitrogen gas shock wave to disable an assailant; the PepperRound produces a flash-bang and a capsaicin cloud that causes a burning sensation to the eyes and throat to disable an assailant.

"Our smart bullets will forever change the landscape for the use of non-lethal weapons by military forces, law enforcement and others worldwide," said Nick Verini, chief executive officer of SmartRounds Technology. "When it is necessary to use SmartRounds the community and law enforcement will have peace of mind that there will likely not be fatal consequences."

The company said the carbon fiber projectiles are lightweight, travel at a speed of 450 feet per second and have a range of 100 yards.

The projectiles will be made in the United States, the Colorado-headquartered company said. A schedule for production, however, was not given. The company said it is still in the process of raising funding to help in their manufacturing.


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