Elbit's anti-missile system to feature on German A400M transports

Elbit Systems receives order for J-MUSIC Multi-Spectral Directed Infrared Counter Measure systems.

By Richard Tomkins
Elbit anti-missle laser. (Elbit)
Elbit anti-missle laser. (Elbit)

HAIFA, Israel, Nov. 21 (UPI) -- Airbus A400M airlifters of the German Air Force are to be equipped with Elbit Systems' J-MUSIC Multi-Spectral Directed Infrared Counter Measure systems.

J-MUSIC is a high-performance, fiber-laser based DIRCM solution that enables an aircraft to defend against man-portable ground-to-air heat-seeking missiles by sending them off target.


Elbit Systems Ltd of Israel said its systems are being provided under a contract from Diehl Defense. They will be integrated into a DIRCM multi-turret to ensure 360-degree protection of the aircraft.

"We are proud of our cooperation with DIEHL Defense on DIRCM that has resulted in this initial contract for the protection of the German Air Force's A400M aircraft," said Bezhalel (Butzi) Machlis, president and chief executive officer of Elbit Systems. "Our DIRCM systems provide effective protection to the growing threat of MANPADS, and we hope that additional customers will follow and select our systems as their preferred solution."

Elbit Systems did not disclose the monetary value of the award.

The German Air Force is scheduled to receive its first A400M transport from Airbus later this year, becoming the fourth operator of the aircraft.

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