Russian, Belarus entities discuss defense equipment projects

Rosoboronexport is discussing possible defense equipment deals with Belarus on behalf of third-country clients.

By Richard Tomkins
Russian BMP-3 vehicles operated by Kuwait. (U.S. Army photo/M. Benjamin Gable)
Russian BMP-3 vehicles operated by Kuwait. (U.S. Army photo/M. Benjamin Gable)

MOSCOW, July 9 (UPI) -- Russia's state-owned arms trade company, Rosoboronexport, is discussing possible projects with their Belarus counterparts on behalf of third-country clients.

The discussions are taking place at the International Exhibition of Arms and Military Equipment, or MILEX, in Minsk, Belarus, which began Wednesday.


"We maintain very close cooperation (with Belarus organization), which we intend to gradually expand," said Valery Varlamov, head of the Rosoboronexport delegation at the exhibition. "As regards Rosoboronexport's area, it's primarily about projects carried out on behalf of third countries in the field of production, repair and modernization of aircraft, armored vehicles, and air defense weaponry.

"Such cooperation offers manufacturers in both countries new opportunities in the global arms market and helps them operate more effectively in an increasingly competitive environment."

Rosoboronexport said it also expects to hold talks with its partners from other former Soviet satellite states, such as Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Kazakhstan, over the organization of licensed production and service centers for previously supplied Soviet equipment.

At the exhibition, the Russian company is displaying a number of products, including BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicles, special police vehicles and Mi-35M attack helicopters.

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