Selex ES, IMPACT in cyber-security collaboration

Finmeccanica and its Selex ES subsidiary are to collaborate with a United Nations-backed organization to enhance cyber-security measures.

Richard Tomkins

ROME, June 10 (UPI) -- Selex ES and a U.N.-backed alliance to combat cyber-threats are to collaborate on initiative to boost cyber-attack defenses.

Italy's Finmeccanica, parent company of Selex ES, said that under a memorandum of understanding information will be shared by Finmeccanica-Selex ES and the International Multilateral Partnership Against Cyber Threats, a key partner of the United Nations' International Telecommunications Union, on threats and vulnerabilities. The two will then work together for solutions.


"Over the past few years, cyber-attacks around the world have become highly sophisticated, higher-profile and increasingly widespread, with state organizations and international corporations falling victim," Finmeccanica said. "At a more subtly damaging level, there are potentially thousands of other cyber-crime incidents which go unreported and unnoticed across businesses and organizations of all sizes.

"This partnership will allow Finmeccanica -Selex ES and ITU-IMPACT to pool their respective expertise, facilities and resources to address these threats across ITU member states and help protect national critical infrastructures."

Additional details on the accord were not disclosed.

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