OMNITEC Solutions continues support for Pentagon media activities

The Department of Defense has given new awards to OMNITEC Solutions to continue supporting transmission of approved news and information in a cost-effective manner.

By Richard Tomkins

BETHESDA, Md., June 3 (UPI) -- The Pentagon has given OMNITEC Solutions Inc. two new contracts to continue its media-related work for the Office of the Secretary of Defense.

Under the contracts, worth a combined total of $55 million, support work will be performed for the Defense Media Activity, Defense Enterprise Media Systems Office, and for the Office of the Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs.


Each has a five-year term of performance.

OMNITEC said its technical and program management services team is to continue supporting a public web program by deploying a web content management system in every military service to reduce infrastructure costs. Automated work-flow processes will support the sharing of approved news and information to all military services.

OMNITEC personnel will also perform time-sensitive Department of Defense news and information activities with national and international media representatives while working collaboratively with military commands.

"We are very grateful for this opportunity to continue providing the best use of the latest technologies to consolidate and integrate the military's web presence, using OMNITEC-produced and government-owned web-based content management system," said Morris Brown, president and chief executive officer OMNITEC Solutions, Inc. "This reduces government infrastructure costs, while supporting rapid access to critical news and information from across the world, for all military services."


OMNITEC Solutions Inc. is a consulting company that provides expertise in strategic management and communications, and web-based communication technologies.

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