Cambridge Pixel touts software for radar, security camera systems

Software modules for ease in integrating disparate sensor types into radar systems is being touted by Cambridge Pixel in advance of a defense and security exhibition.
By Richard Tomkins  |  April 30, 2014 at 2:01 PM
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CAMBRIDGE, England, April 30 (UPI) -- A family of software modules that integrate different sensor types into radar and camera security systems is being spotlighted by Cambridge Pixel of Britain.

The product line, called Secure-X, is described by Cambridge Pixel as software building blocks for radar and camera interfacing, processing and display with modules for radar acquisition, processing, scan conversion, tracking of radar and video targets, fusion, recording and display. As a ready-to-run surveillance application, it integrates radar and video cameras with threat display that also records and tracks target objects.

"We are seeing increasing demand for integrated radar and camera surveillance solutions in border and perimeter security and for asset protection,” said David Johnson, Cambridge Pixel's managing director. “One of the big advantages of Secure-X is that the customer stays in control as they can buy the 'modules of expertise' they need to support their surveillance solution, or, if required, a complete application."

"A key objective with the Secure-X software is to provide software modules that permit integration of disparate sensor types into a processing and display framework. Separating the processing and display from the specifics of the hardware allows the best sensor to be chosen for each application with minimal changes to the application software."

Cambridge Pixel, which will show Secure-X next week at the SPIE Defense + Security exhibition in Maryland, said the software can be built into a Windows or Linux application and interfaces to many standard radar systems.

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