IAI receives order for air defense, traffic control radars

An unidentified entity has ordered dual-use air defense, traffic control radar from Israel Aerospace Industries.

Israel Aerospace Industries reports it is supplying dual-use civilian and military airspace control and protection radars to an unidentified customer. The radars to be provided are the ELM-2288 AD-STAR air defense and traffic control radar and the ELM-2106NG 3D tactical air defense radar, which are manufactured by IAI subsidiary ELTA Systems Ltd.

IAI said the radars were configured to the specific requirements of the customer and for the terrain in which they will operate.


"IAI's extensive product line of surveillance radars enables us to integrate optimal customer-specific solutions for defense and civil applications", said an IAI ELTA marketing executive. "We are pleased to report that we are constantly gaining new customers worldwide for our high performance AD-STAR and ELM-2106NG radars."

The AD-STAR ELM-2288MR is a 3D solid-state, long-range S-Band transportable radar for air defense, early warning and traffic control at ranges of more than 186 miles.

The EL/M 2106 NG is a fourth generation 3D system with a range of about 50 miles and can detect low flying aircraft.

IAI gave no details as to a delivery schedule for the systems or their monetary value.

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