DynCorp to train Afghan Army engineers

MCLEAN, Va., Jan. 30 (UPI) -- DynCorp International has announced receipt of a subcontract for training assistance in support of the Afghan Engineer Training Security Assistance Team.

The award, given by GovSource Inc., is for a period of one year and carries a value of $6.4 million.


Under the subcontract, DynCorp International will provide trainers and interpreters in Afghanistan to provide practical exercise training in the areas of project planning, survey and design, heavy equipment utilization and maintenance, as well as basic electrical, carpentry, masonry and plumbing skills.

The training program comes under the U.S. Army Security Assistance Training Management Organization.

"We are excited to work with a new customer in Afghanistan, expanding our training efforts with the Afghan National Army," said George Krivo, DynLogistics senior vice president, DynCorp International. "Through this program we hope to enhance, increase and make more effective the ANA's military engineering capability, providing a safer and more secure environment in Afghanistan."

GovSource Inc. is a provider of professional and training services to the U.S. government.

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