Northrop Grumman honors AER for supplier excellence

LEXINGTON, Mass., Dec. 20 (UPI) -- Atmospheric and Environmental Research Inc. says it has been honored as a top supplier by Northrop Grumman Corporation's Information Systems sector.

The Supplier Excellence Award to the company -- a provider of science-based solutions to global environmental challenges -- recognizes its contribution to the success of Northrop in the areas of technical innovation and quality of products and services.


AER was specifically recognized for its work on the System Engineering Maintenance and Sustainment II program at the U.S. Air Force Weather Agency. Under that program, AER provides subject matter expertise and development support to Northrop Grumman's team.

"This award from Northrop Grumman underscores AER's ability to innovate and solve operational problems that affect the Air Force's ability to provide warfighters with value-added environmental data for efficient decision making," said Ron Isaacs, president of AER. "The close collaboration between our companies not only translates into good science and engineering but also provides a substantial increase in Air Force Weather capabilities, with across-the-board benefits to defense and national programs."

AER was one of 24 recipients of the Northrop award from a pool of about 5,000 companies.


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