Australia promotes new radar technologies

CANBERRA, Australia, Dec. 2 (UPI) -- Phased array radar technologies are being developed in Australia by CEA Technologies under contract from the government.

The award was given to CEA Technologies, which will leverage its CEAFAR phased array radar for the project.


"The CEAFAR radar is currently being fitted to the ANZAC -class frigates as part of a major upgrade," said Minister for Defense David Johnston. "This radar is a world-leading capability for a system of its weight and size and importantly, is considerably more cost-effective than comparable systems.

"The development of high-power phased array radar based on the CEAFAR system builds on the substantial investment in domestic radar-related research and development."

CEAFAR is a 3D active phased array radar with a microwave tile-based design and is scalable in size and optimized for littoral and open ocean.

Details of the contract awarded to CEA Technologies were not provided by the Australian Department of Defense, which announced the award.

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