SEA continues development of submarine communications buoy

BECKINGTON, England, Oct. 31 (UPI) -- Second-phase development for a submarine communications buoy technology demonstrator for Britain's Royal Navy is being conducted by the systems engineering company SEA.

SEA is owned by Cohort plc, and a partner with Babcock Marine in the project communications buoy project.


Babcock issued the contract, worth $8 million.

"This is a really pleasing win for SEA and another endorsement of our world-class expertise in both submarine communications and computer simulation in the marine environment," said Andrew Thomis, chief executive of Cohort plc. "This and other recent orders have improved our revenue visibility for the current year and going into 2014/15. Beyond these successes we continue to see a good pipeline of both domestic and export opportunities, though the timing of the latter is always hard to predict."

The second-phase contract follows SEA's successful simulation and testing of the technology. SEA said it will provide specialist modeling support and manage the trials program as well as developing and supplying the inboard electronics units for the system.

Additional details on the system being developed were not disclosed.

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