Raytheon's Small Diameter Bomb on target

TUCSON, Oct. 31 (UPI) -- Raytheon's Small Diameter bomb II scored direct hits on targets moving at operationally representative speeds in testing by the company and the Air Force.

The tests followed a series of evaluations in different environments and scenarios that validated the weapon's seeker algorithms and aerodynamics.


"These successes are the latest in a series of test flights demonstrating Raytheon's readiness to progress the SDB II program to the System Verification Review and Milestone C," said John O'Brien, SDB II program director for Raytheon Missile Systems. "These tests showcase the game-changing capability of Raytheon's tri-mode seeker to detect, track and engage moving targets in adverse weather."

The bomb is a precision-guided glide weapon that can hit targets from a range of more than 40 nautical miles. Key to it is the tri-mode -- millimeter-wave radar, uncooled imaging infrared and semi-active laser – target seeker for accuracy in any adverse weather condition.

It also is equipped with a data link that passes inflight updates for target changes.

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