PDR success for BAE's counter to infrared-guided threats

NASHUA, N.H., Oct. 21 (UPI) -- BAE Systems' common infrared countermeasure to protect aircraft from infrared-guided threats has successfully completed its preliminary design review.

The company said the system has met or exceeded all technology development milestones of the U.S. Army.


"The maturity of our CIRCM system extends far beyond what would typically be expected at a preliminary design review," said Bill Staib, director of Threat Management Solutions at BAE Systems.

"With more than 14,000 hours of test data on production representative hardware, this milestone feels a lot more like a critical design review than a PDR."

BAE Systems was contracted by the Army in 2012 to complete the technology demonstration phase of the CIRCM, a light laser-based protection system, which is to be installed on Army and Navy aircraft helicopters.

Details of the preliminary design review testing weren't disclosed. BAE said the Army intends to conduct additional testing on the countermeasure system this year.

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