Saab tests Meteor missile on Gripen

LINKOPING, Sweden, July 1 (UPI) -- Saab of Sweden reports the first test firing of a mass-production configured Meteor radar-controlled air-to-air missiles.

Two Meteor missiles, for use on Saab's Gripen, the Eurofighter and Rafale combat aircraft, were fired at a remote-controlled target from a Gripen in cooperation with the Swedish Defense Materiel Administration to demonstrate missile separation from the aircraft, the link function between the aircraft and missile, and the missile's ability to lock in on the target.


The test team included representatives from Saab, FMV and missile-maker MBDA in Britain.

"Testing has been completed as planned and we've now taken yet another important step in work with integration and development of Gripen C/D," said Michael Ostergren, FMV's project manager for the Meteor. "I'm impressed with the results that we've jointly accomplished and it instills considerable confidence in continued work with integrating the Meteor on Gripen."

The Meteor is a beyond-visual-range missile. It was developed by MBDA in a collaborative project involving Sweden, France, Italy, Spain, Germany and Britain. Delivery of missiles to customers will begin next year following additional testing.

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