Thales debuts weapons system

PARIS, June 12 (UPI) -- A new mobile multi-weapon defense system by Thales of France is on display at the Eurosatory exhibition in Paris.

The RAPIDFire system features the company's CONTROLMaster 60 surveillance radar and CONTROLView command-and-control module, integrated with a multi-sensor optronic sighting system and the CT40 gun from CTAI.


Thales said RAPIDFire is designed to counter, in particular, swarm attack weapons that can saturate conventional missile defenses.

"With its powerful anti-aircraft gun, high-performance 3-D radar and versatile C2 module, RAPIDFire is optimized to defeat all types of air threats including fighter ground attack, helicopters or unmanned air vehicles and cruise missiles or precision guided munitions," Thales said.

The system can also fire the company's STARStreak missile system.

"I am very excited to be introducing this new product at Eurosatory," said Alex Cresswell, senior vice president of Thales Land Defense Division. "RAPIDFire's combination of mobility with fast into action time and precision attack provides the perfect response for protecting troops on the move.

"RAPIDFire will be a key element in our extensive package of advanced air defense solutions for many years to come."

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