German navy receives missiles

BONN, Germany, Oct. 19 (UPI) -- The German navy has received the first long-range RBS15 Mk 3 series missiles made by Diehl BGT Defense of Germany and Sweden's Saab Bofors Dynamics.

The heavy, anti-ship missile Mk3 will form the main armament of the new K-130 corvette of the German navy, enabling the force to engage maritime surface targets and targets ashore.


The long-range, all-weather-capable, fire-and-forget guided missile tracks targets at sea-skimming height and over distances well beyond 124 miles, the German Defense Agency, BWB, said.

BWB said that by using programmable waypoints, the missile's flight path and altitude can be adjusted several times.

In addition, a Global Positioning System inertial navigation results in enhanced hit accuracy, it said.

The Bundeswehr will procure 30 RBS15 Mk3 missiles for the K-130 corvettes.

The missile is an upgrade development of the RBS15 Mk2 missile introduced in the Swedish and the Finnish navies.

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