Bourque gets first body armor order

TUCSON, Sept. 21 (UPI) -- Bourque Industries Inc. has delivered the first order for its new metal alloy body armor to the sheriff's department in Collier County, Fla.

The order was for eight Terminator Level III stand-alone frontal assault plates for the department's SWAT team for an order value of $6,000.


The Collier County Sheriff's Office indicated that its supply of existing tactical armor will be replaced with Kryron Terminator armor as needed and that the Sheriff's Office intends to purchase Terminator armor as an agency-wide enhancement to the current soft-armor system to maximize officer safety.

The Terminator Level III system, which is in the process of National Institute of Justice testing, far exceeds the capability of current Level III armor, consistently outperforming ballistic standards for durability and multi-impact protection, the company said.

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The Level III standalone system has repeatedly defeated more than 100 rounds -- including high-power rifle fire -- without penetration in recent public demonstrations for military and law enforcement across the country.

The Terminator armor system eliminates the dual problems of bullet ricochet and armor spall, where fragments of bullets or armor fly outward causing damage after impact.

"We are honored to be the first law enforcement agency to wear Kryron Terminator armor," Bourque Industries quoted Bob Lewis, commander of the Special Operations Group at the Collier County Sheriff's Office and a member of the National Tactical Officers Association advisory board.

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Lewis said that he didn't see any need to wait for final NIJ certification before purchasing Terminator armor for his SWAT operatives.

"I have shot this armor myself many hundreds of times and I can tell you without a doubt that this is the best personal body armor on the planet," said Lewis. "I am convinced that when law enforcement across the country adopts Terminator armor, lives will be saved."

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