Kryron proves worth again

TUCSON, Aug. 17 (UPI) -- A new light-weight aluminum alloy ballistic armor system by Bourque Industries Inc. of Arizona has proved capable again in new company testing.

Bourque said its Kryron Terminator system in a lightweight vehicle armor configuration stopped several .50-caliber armor piercing rounds.


"Once again we proved that Kryron is the best ballistic armor material on the market today, and the clear choice to protect America's warfighters for both personal protection and vehicle armor applications," said John M. Bourque, founder of Bourque Industries and inventor of the system.

The tests were conducted at a private range in Florida with about 70 individuals, including law enforcement, military personnel and defense contractors, in attendance.

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The Terminator Fat Boy plate, in combination with a 3/8-inch steel plate, was shot multiple times with .50-caliber AP ammunition from 50 feet with no penetration, ricochet, shatter or spall.

In the demonstration it was shown 3/8-inch steel by itself is easily penetrated by .50-caliber lead core anti-personnel rounds, which are far less lethal than the .50-caliber steel-core AP rounds.

Kryron Terminator armor can be mounted in front of and behind vehicle steel plating as well as within a vehicle compartment.

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In testing of the company's Terminator Thin Line plate, the system sustained more than 100 rounds of pistol ammunition of various calibers simultaneously fired by six uniformed officers at exceptionally close range with no penetration, ricochet, shatter or spall.

Also, the Terminator Level III system, designed to be used with a Level IIIA Kevlar vest, defeated a 7.62x39 FMJ at 20 feet with back-face deformation well within NIJ-06 stand-alone plate standards.

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