Army continues use of i2 software

MCLEAN, Va., Aug. 17 (UPI) -- Intelligence analysis and investigation software company i2 has been contracted by the U.S. Army for use of its Analyst's Notebook software.

The software is for the Army's intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance platform, the Distributed Common Ground Systems-Army.


The value of the contract is close to $9.6 million.

"This procurement was part of the Army's larger effort to partner with leaders in industry and academia to leverage the top analytical tools to rapidly support the needs of the deployed warfighter," said Col. Charles A. Wells, the DCGS-A project manager. "Analyst's Notebook provides cutting-edge analytical capabilities, and -- very importantly -- supports full interoperability with the architecture and tools of the greater intelligence community."

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Intelligence analysts in the Army rely on DCGS-A for the analysis, processing, exploitation and dissemination of information and intelligence data. Currently in deployment across DCGS-A, Analyst's Notebook brings robust data analysis and visualization capabilities, ease of use and implementation and award-winning support to the ISR platform.

"With its open architecture, Analyst's Notebook supports the Army's strategy to employ and integrate best-of-breed solutions from across the industry to meet the dynamic needs users face in the field on a daily basis," said i2 Chief Executive Officer Robert Griffin.


"By combining link analysis, social network analysis and geospatial analysis with i2 solutions, the Army can pull data from disparate sources to make non-obvious connections, enhance situational awareness and, most importantly, ensure our troops are equipped to carry out their missions effectively."

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As the Army's component of the Department of Defense Distributed Common Ground/Surface System, DCGS-A is interoperable with Army, Joint and Coalition battle command systems and connects tactical, operational and theater-level commanders and their staffs to hundreds of intelligence and intelligence-related data sources at all classification levels.

The Army is continuing to expand the DCGS-A capabilities to respond to changes in the field and combat developments.

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