Detica expands cyber defense service

GUILDFORD, England, April 21 (UPI) -- A British cyberattack detection service for government has been adapted to the larger cybersecurity market and launched by Detica of Britain.

Detica, owned BAE Systems UK, said its Treidan cyberdefense service, which applies techniques used in national security, is designed to protect against sophisticated cyberthreats that are highly targeted and likely to have been developed by adversaries such as organized criminal gangs, state-sponsored groups or industrial spies.


Detica Treidan employs unique behavioral analysis based on massive-scale computer cloud technology to detect signs of potential compromise, which are prioritized according to the level of risk they pose and investigated by Detica's team of analysts.

The team uses the information to build a thorough understanding of the attacker's behaviors and develops methods to prevent further attacks.

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"We see too many companies still believing that traditional defenses are enough to protect them from targeted cyberattacks," said Detica Technical Director Henry Harrison. "Businesses need to decide whether they're going to try and do something to fight back against these threats or whether they want to resign themselves to being -- in effect -- 'open source' organizations.

"The good news is that recently the discussion around advanced cyberattacks has begun to move gradually from the question 'Will we be attacked?' to 'We are likely to be attacked, what should we do about it?'


"A second mind shift is now required to move away from pure attack prevention to pursue, alongside prevention, the threat from intruders who have already broken into the organization but who are still lying hidden, covertly working toward their eventual business goal," he said.

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Detica Treidan detects the underlying activities associated with sophisticated cyberattacks, which typically go undetected and unfiltered by traditional methods. It uses complex network analysis to identify where stealth attacks are taking place and provides tools organizations need to evict the perpetrators and shore up the network against future threats, the company said.

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