Boeing showcases cybersecurity

CANBERRA, Australia, Nov. 4 (UPI) -- Boeing will spotlight its cybersecurity products in Australia for the first time at the Military Communications and Information Systems Conference this month.

Among systems that will be shown are Boeing's Cross Domain Solution, used by governments to share secure data while planning and monitoring critical situations; Cyber Concepts Analysis Model used to simulate cyberattacks and defenses; and the Security Monitoring Infrastructure System, which detects and reports network anomalies for broader situational awareness.


"Boeing has a long history of developing and deploying capabilities for Australia in the land, air, sea and space domains," said Barbara Fast, vice president of Cyber and Information Solutions for Boeing. "We plan to add cyberspace to that list with the cybersecurity capabilities and products we are introducing to Australia at MilCIS 2010.

"Boeing's products improve situational awareness, understanding, information sharing, and rapid and effective decision-making for the complex missions that warfighters and intelligence professionals face today."

MilCIS, beginning Tuesday, is the only conference conducted annually in Australia for government, defense and industry decision makers to discuss communications and information systems solutions, with a focus on cybersecurity.

"Boeing is a leader in the emerging cybersecurity market in the United States. Boeing Defense Australia is drawing on that experience to further develop our cyber capabilities in Australia," said Steve Parker, vice president and general manager of Network and Space Systems for Boeing Defense Australia.


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