Pratt & Whitney to support Norway's F-16s

OSLO, Norway, Feb. 2 (UPI) -- Connecticut-based Pratt & Whitney has been selected to provide the Royal Norwegian Air Force with engine support for its fleet of F-16 fighter aircraft.

Pratt & Whitney received the contract from the Norwegian Defense Logistics Organization. Under the deal, Pratt & Whitney will provide Norway's fleet of F-16 aircraft powered by the company's F100-PW-220E engine with maintenance services.


The contract, part of the Norway air force Materials Management Program, is designed to ensure the F-16 aircraft remain operationally ready with spare parts and other mission critical support.

"We are excited about the opportunity to expand our 30-year relationship with the Norwegian Defense Logistics Organization and the Royal Norwegian Air Force … our goal is to help Norway achieve the highest levels of serviceable and ready engines in the most affordable manner," Ed O'Donnell, Pratt & Whitney International Programs and Business Development director, said in a statement.

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