Davies says British well equipped

LONDON, Aug. 13 (UPI) -- The top British military equipment official, following discussions with troops in Afghanistan, says the soldiers have the right tactical gear for success.

Quentin Davies, British minister for defense equipment and support, returned to England following a recent trip to visit with troops in the volatile Helmand province in the south of Afghanistan, the British Ministry of Defense reported.


Davies spoke with troops at Kandahar Airfield and in Lashkar Gah as part of an effort to hear from the front lines if they have the appropriate equipment in the battle against the Taliban and other militants in Helmand.

"I think it's a pretty universal view that the equipment we've got is the best we've ever had," Davies said in a statement.

"That comes through very strongly. There are obviously always improvements that need to be made and improvements that are being made … it's a very active dialogue that I try and make sure I have with people on the front line."

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