Insitu gets Maturity Level III rating

BINGEN, Wash., July 17 (UPI) -- Insitu announced it has received a Maturity Level III rating from the Software Engineering Institute, a U.S. government and Carnegie-Mellon University venture.

Boeing subsidiary Insitu says four of its software engineering projects and one software process-monitoring project were evaluated by the Software Engineering Institute.


Thursday Insitu announced it received a Maturity Level III Capability Maturity Model Integration rating, which is a recognized standard for products improvements and assessments and is composed of appraisers including industry, government and the Carnegie Mellon University Software Engineering Institute officials.

"Our systems and software development processes have been designed to ensure our customers continue to receive the best possible performance and mission-reliable service," Gary Viviani, Insitu vice president of electronic systems, said in a statement.

"Our processes have now been validated by the global standard reserved only for those companies exhibiting world-class product development capabilities."

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