Thresher marks second shipment to Onodi

HANFORD, Calif., July 13 (UPI) -- Thresher Industries Inc. has shipped a second order of aluminum parts to Onodi Tool & Engineering to support U.S. military combat vehicles.

U.S. company Thresher Industries, a recycled aluminum and metal matrix composite parts manufacturer, announced the aluminum shipment marking the second delivery order for military parts in 2009.


Onodi is a manufacturer and assembler of combat vehicles. The company selected Thresher Industries for its aluminum castings, which are designed to support military vehicle operational requirements.

"Our initial order for Onodi was extremely well received, and quickly led to a second larger order for military parts," Tom Flessner, Thresher Industries president and chief executive officer, said in a statement.

"This order was shipped within schedule, and is realized as revenues in the second quarter. While other foundries may be reporting lower production levels, Thresher is moving full steam ahead."

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