Sikorsky has success with X2 Technology

HORSEHEADS, N.Y., July 6 (UPI) -- U.S. company Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. announced it has reached a milestone achievement following successful testing of its X2 Technology demonstrator.

Sikorsky announced the successful completion of two flight tests of its X2 Technology demonstrator high-speed helicopter system. The tests, which included a full engagement of the X2 Technology demonstrator's "distinctive propeller," reached speeds of as much as 52 knots, a news release said.


Company officials say the X2 Technology demonstrator is part of an effort to design a helicopter that can reach speeds of 250 knots to support reconnaissance and attack missions for the defense market and rapid emergency medical response among other applications.

"The program is progressing extremely well both technologically and from a future applicability standpoint," Mark Miller, Sikorsky vice president of research and engineering, said in a statement.

"Certainly we've got much more to do, but interest continues to grow among both the military and commercial sectors in how this technology might improve current operations and enable new missions that today are simply not possible with the current helicopter flight limitations. These are exciting times."

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