Telephonics to deliver radars for Mi-17s

FARMINGDALE, N.Y., June 24 (UPI) -- Telephonics Corp. has been contracted to deliver its search-and-rescue radar technologies for installation on Russian-built Mi-17 helicopters.

U.S. company Telephonics was awarded the radar contract from an disclosed Russian customer. Under the deal, Telephonics will deliver 93 of its RDR-1600 search-and-rescue and weather-avoidance radar systems for integration with Mi-17 helicopters being manufactured at the Kazan Helicopter Plant in Russia.


Telephonics, a Griffon Corp. subsidiary, says its RDR-1600 radar technology is designed to enable target detection and tracking in low visibility conditions and from long distances.

"This first ever contract between Telephonics and a Russian customer affords us the opportunity to open a new chapter in company's expansion into the worldwide market," Joseph Battaglia, Telephonics president, said in a statement.

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