Azima pilot shows it's helping Navy

WOBURN, Mass., June 16 (UPI) -- Azima DLI announced its yearlong pilot program has saved the U.S. Navy more than 1,000 annual man-hours.

U.S. company Azima says analysis of its one-year pilot program on the Navy's USS Ross (DDG 71) and the USS Nitze (DDG 94) guided-missile destroyers shows the company's condition monitoring services has saved more than 1,000 annual man-hours.


Azima says its SpriteMAX online vibration monitoring system, DCA-31B handheld data collectors and ExpertALERT condition assessment software were deployed as part of the pilot program focused on reducing maintenance costs and improving fleet equipment reliability.

"Azima's condition monitoring system has allowed us to take immediate action on equipment degradation and prevent machine failure well before it happens," Warrant Officer John Desgrey, Navy Surface Force maintenance and material management system officer, said in a statement.

"The system also allows us to avoid unnecessary maintenance and increase the timeliness of repairs. During one sea trial test of the system, the port engineer met the Nitze with the work orders in hand ready to broker the work."

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