KaZaK releases cargo restraint system

ARLINGTON, Va., June 9 (UPI) -- KaZaK Composites Inc. announced the launch of its new cargo restraint technology designed to support the shipment of U.S. military ordnance.

U.S. company KaZaK Composites says it has developed a new reusable and universal cargo restraint system. Officials say the new system, which includes aluminum structural components, a cabling system and air bags, is designed to support the military's transportation of ordnance loads by land.


"The beauty of this new system is the ease with which it can be installed and disassembled," Brian Smith, KaZaK Composites director of engineering, said in a statement.

"While the old system employed wood and nails to keep the cargo in place this system requires no power tools and isn't labor intensive at all."

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